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( How Putter Design Influences Your Results )

Does this sound familiar? There you are - on the green. Facing another MUST MAKE putt. Drain it - you're the hero. Miss it - you're demoralized. Pressure's on. You stroke...AND...You choke. How could you? That "easy" putt.


You try to smile through it. But inside you know you should have made it...along with all the other putts you've missed when the pressure is on. And the most frustrating thing? You just can't figure out why!

It's Not Your Fault

Why? Because for the past 50 years, offset putters have been the design standard. These putters promote a "rotational putting stroke" and are so poorly balanced they actually make putting more difficult than it really is! Amazingly, this has been the design standard for more than 50 years!

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The Importance of Balance

Have you ever enjoyed swinging a child at a playground? How simple and effortless the back-and-forth motion is. Everything in balance. The Dandy putter is designed to swing the same way.

Sir Isaac Newton's 1st Law of Motion put it this way, "An object in motion continues in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. " This is precisely why the Dandy putter is perfectly balanced. Only a balanced putter can swing straight-back and straight-through.

What makes a putter BALANCED? ( to swing like a pendulum with no face rotation )

It starts with shafting. A Dandy putter is balanced around the shaft so that the weight (mass) of the putter head is distributed equally around all sides of the putter shaft or center-balanced. This putter design is called ONSET (not offset). Secondly, a Dandy putter is face-balanced, face-down. Perfectly balanced this way, it requires no manipulation and delivers it's full force at impact while the putter face remains square to your intended line. It's easy to make more putts when your putter is a Dandy.

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