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"You can't expect to play better unless you learn the fundamentals."      Bobby Jones

Excerpts from POWER GOLF by Ben Hogan

( Hogan's Straight Back and Through Putting Method )

Photo 1: Address. Take up a comfortable position regardless of how it looks. Have your eyes directly over the top of the clubhead. Make sure that the face of the putter is at right angles to the line you have picked out. Photo 2: Take the club back smoothly with the hands and arms. making sure that the clubface remains square to the line. Do not open or close the clubface on the backswing in putting. Photo 3: At impact make a conscious effort to hit the ball squarely regardless of the distance. Do not try to hit up or down on a putt. Photo 4: On the follow through make sure that the face of the putter is square to the line. Do not open or close the clubface. Photo 5: Dr. Gil Morgan demonstrating releasing of the right arm through impact.

Putting has been the subject of a great deal of experimentation because of the possibility of reducing the number of putts to a round, but I shall concentrate here on the method of putting. In my opinion the best grip to putt with is the reverse overlap grip. By that I mean that the index finger of the left hand overlaps the little finger of the right hand. The reason I favor this grip in putting is that it permits you to have all of the fingers of the right hand on the shaft. That is because most of my putting is done with the right hand.

The left hand is under or to the left considerably in order that you may hinge your left wrist in comfort. It is the only way you can keep the clubface square to the line of the ball both going back and following through.

Ben Hogan Grip

Most of the touring professionals, including myself, putt from a slightly opened stance. By that I mean that my right foot is ahead of the left foot. Almost all of my weight is on my left foot, but my feet are not too far apart.

Naturally, in addressing the ball your putter face must be at right angles to the line you have picked out for the ball to travel. The putter blade must remain at right angles during the stroke. In stroking the ball take your putter straight back from the ball and straight through. Make sure you hit through the ball on the finish. Don't try to hit up on the ball to give it overspin. Concentrate on hitting it square. taking your putter straight back from the ball and straight through on the return stroke.

DANDY COMMENT by Allan Strand

The onset balanced design of the Dandy putter promotes the putting fundamentals that Ben Hogan believed in. The Dandy supports a simple, pendulum putting stroke, one that promotes the "hooding" of the putter face on the back stroke, the use of the shoulders and the natural release or extension of the right arm through impact to achieve greater consistency under pressure.

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