The Masters Winning Dandy Blade

Greater Performance

The Original Dandy Tour Blade has been improved. It now comes with a custom, double-bend True Temper shaft, which improves the putter's balance and makes it easier to aim. Also, new metals have been selected to expand the sweetspot and enhance feel and distance control.

Dandy Tour Blades come in your choice of 303 stainless steel for its classic appeal and ageless qualities, or 12L14 carbon steel for greater feel. Carbon steel Tour Blades are PVD coated for increased durability and aesthetics.

INCLUDED: Lifeline putter grip, Dandy Head Cover and patented Dandy Setup Trainer, which enables the putter to stand by itself in the correct setup position.

AVAILABLE in Right and left hand, 33" - 37" lengths. Standard effective loft is 3.5 degrees and lie angle is 19.5 degrees from vertical. Customization is available.

ORDER - Carbon Steel - Zirconium Silver - $249.99 ORDER - 303 Stainless - $269.99
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