Bobby Jones Bobby Jones instructs his son Ben Hogan Bobby Locke (Hooding) Horton Smith (Arching) (Arching close-up)
Conforms To USGA Rules
Made In USA

"You can't expect to play better unless you learn the fundamentals."      Bobby Jones

Putting History

The Dandy is the first putter in the History of Golf to fully support the time-tested Putting Fundamentals that make the straight back and through stroke so effective. That's important because "to putt at your Highest Level, your putter and your putting stroke must work together."

The simple pendulum, SBAT putting stroke requires a balanced putter. By understanding the correct setup and stroke that are necessary to roll the ball - your game will become easier and more enjoyable to play. The Dandy onset putter makes all this happen automatically. Find out why!...

Understanding putting fundamentals is key to putting consistently at your Highest Level. As Bobby Jones said, "Consistency depends directly upon form. The only reason we bother with form is to find the best way of consistently bringing about the proper set of conditions at impact."

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