Putter Comparison Center - How Well Does Your Putter Perform?

"The BEST Performing Putter Should Be In Your Bag!"

A Balanced Putter Is Key

When your putter is balanced, you'll be amazed how consistently well you'll putt. Your ball will roll straight down your target line and as a result, you'll make a lot more putts.

Dandy #1 in Performance

Scientific putter tests were performed on heel, toe and center hits using a precision putting machine engineered to swing straight back and through. In the lab and on the green, Dandy putters were more consistent in distance and direction by 75%. What a great reason to make the Dandy your putter!

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Odyssey BackStryke 2-Ball
Odyssey 2-Ball XG
Odyssey 2-Ball - mallet
Odyssey Sabertooth
SeeMore FGP2 - mallet
Titleist Red X - mallet

Ping Anser - blade
Titleist Bullseye - blade
Scotty Cameron - blade
Wilson 8802 - blade
Never Comp. - blade
Nike Techno - mallet
TaylorMade Corza - mallet

Junior Golf Champion