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"A man who can putt is a match for anyone."      Willie Park

Dr. Gil Morgan's Amazing Success Story

2nd All Time Money Leader - 25 WINS - Champions PGA Tour

Dr. Gil Morgan

Dr. Gil Morgan's success on the Champions Tour is unparalleled. In his regular PGA Tour career, he had 7 wins but 44 second and third place finishes. Jack Nicklaus only made $250,000 more than Dr. Gil Morgan in their entire PGA Tour careers. Back then, Doc was always known as a great ball striker but his putting prevented him from winning more.

The Good Doctor - A Man of Vision

Innovation needs its early adopters and in 1996, Dr. Gil Morgan was the first notable touring professional to take interest in a Dandy proto-type putter. Most touring professionals are hesitant to take risks, perhaps fearing they might lose something, but Dr. Gil has always been the exception. Doc is about evolution, always striving to improve. "Prove it to me," Dr. Gil would say. "I want to see it for myself." And that's what Dandy's inventor did. As a result, in the face of scientific evidence and a personal desire to improve, Dr. Gil Morgan committed to playing the Dandy putter in competition full-time in 1999 and has played it ever since. The rest is history.

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