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"It's a Joy to find something to improve the game."     Ben Hogan

Golfer Testimonials

( What other Golfers are saying about the Dandy putter. )

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Dandy Golf putter, putters, putting ball

New"Hi everyone. I certainly recommend the Dandy. I use to be a average putter until I got my hands on the Dandy. Ever since getting this putter my putts tend to stay online for a longer period of time as it comes off the putter face. The ball goes where you want it to the hole. My playing partners can't believe the score that I bring in every week. I have gone from shooting low 80s to mid 70s every week. Thanks guys. Keep up the good work. "

Jay Raniga - Brisbane, Australia
Dandy Golf putter, putters, putting ball

New"I have had my Dandy putter for a little over a month. I have used both the putter stand to train my setup, and I bought the yellow pro stroke trainer to groove a more consistent stroke path and improve contact. I am putting better now than I ever have. My direction has improved to where I am expecting to make any putt from any distance on any decent surface. My USGA handicap index has improved from 11.3 to 6.1. Because my putting is so much better, the rest of my bag is not so stressed to over-perform to make up for so many lost strokes on the green. I was three-putting and missing half of my putts on almost half of the greens I played in an 18-hole round. That is no longer true. I have played 12 rounds, four of which were in tournament play, increasing the stress level and my putting is coming through with flying colors. In fact, my opponents have been discouraged by my results, knocking in some unexpected putts from 20-30 feet to halve or win match play holes. The Dandy makes golf fun again on a level I have not experienced since I won the city championship captaining my golf team as a senior in High School.

For those who have not tried this putter, I say you are missing a real opportunity to groove a straight-back/straight through stroke that is simply deadly. If you actually use the stand and learn to adjust yourself to the putter to retrain and maintain the correct setup, you will notice steady improvement. If you get the U-shaped attachment that trains your stroke to be more precise with respect to pure ball contact and a consistent strike on the heart of the putter, your distance control will also improve. I just can't wait to get to the green, because I know I might knock in the next putt, regardless of where I am on the green. I know I will make at least 75% of all putts inside ten feet. I call my Black Chromium Dandy Blade "Black Mamba" for its deadly strikes. I can't repeat what my fellow golfers call it on a public forum, but it has certainly got their attention. Some are considering a switch from putters they have used for years. "

Patrick Thomas - Durham, NC
Dandy Golf putter, putters, putting ball

New"I struggled with my putting all my life. A combination of the Dandy putter and some hard work has made me what I consider a very good putter. I think I can make them now from all ranges, and I am right most of the time. And when I miss it's real real close! This putter has GENIUS built in it!"

John Richardson - Cuba, MO
Dandy Golf putter, putters, putting ball

"I have used the Dandy for a long time and absolutely love the feel and the results. Once I get to the green the Dandy is the ultimate finisher! The Dandy putts the ball exactly where you want it to go. The trick is being able to read the green properly."

Jim - Grove Heights
Dandy Golf putter, putters, putting ball

"The Dandy putter felt so natural in my hands, it gave me confidence in putting again. The first time I used it was at a putting contest, which I won. Wait, the best part is, the prize was a Dandy putter! Just try feeling it in your hands."

Matt Williams- Minneapolis, MN
Dandy Golf putter, putters, putting ball

"Just a brief note....I am a 58 yr. old Sr. Amateur player that plays a "lot" of local and national Sr. tournaments....I am I must say very hard to please and know golf equipment very well. This putter was recommended to me by a Champions Tour player I know because I have (as a lot of players do)putting problems. Right now it seems to be the one thing holding me back for playing with all the well know players. I ordered the original Dandy last arrived. I read the information....played the tape..and went to the practice I looked down at this putter I said to myself what did I get into here.....BOOM!!!!!! the first 4 putts at 10' went right in.....after one hr. of practice and after I became use to it especially trying to get lined up.....I thought to myself maybe I'm onto make a long story short I used it the next two day and shot 70-71...pretty normal for me....but the confidence I had with this club was just great.....I just love the set up and especially the feel "very solid"....I will keep you posted from time to time as to my have a great idea here....also I have 50 putters here that I use from time to time..but I think I will be using this one for a long time...thanks again...Larry Tedesco"

Larry Tedesco - Westport, CT
Dandy Golf putter, putters, putting ball

"I am a 11.6 handicapper, 53 years old, been playing since I was 50 and have always been a good putter. Read about the Dandy on the Usenet golf forum, checked it out, saw they gave a 90 day guarantee (which you cannot beat), and decided to try it.

It took me, oh, maybe 2 holes to determine that the Dandy is the best putter I have ever owned-and I have owned some of the best. There is no question the ball rolls more smoothly; you can actually SEE the difference on the greens. I was concerned about comfort with the rotated pistol grip, but it has not been a problem. I love being able to make sure the Dandy is 'level to the lie.' And, having a forward press built into the design frees me from unnecessary movement prior to beginning the stroke.

If you are serious about your game, try the Dandy putter. It WILL help your putting."

Alan Smith - OH
Dandy Golf putter, putters, putting ball

"Thank you for your follow up. I received my Dandy two weeks ago today. I rushed over to our local course and went to the practice putting green, dropped six balls about four feet away and sank five out of six. The smile was large. That Saturday I had eight one putts, nine two putts and only one three putt. It took seven holes before George said "something is different, you are sinking too many putts." I showed him the Dandy and he tried it on the back nine, took it home and gave it back to me on Monday. I asked him how he liked it and he said he had just ordered one for himself. Last Saturday I had 9 one putts, 8 two putts and 1 three putt. George was using his new Dandy and we both walked away with big smiles. This really is a true story. "

Jack Surface - WA
Dandy Golf putter, putters, putting ball

"The Dandy putter has one of the truest roles I have ever seen. It is very easy to adjust to the onset of this putter. The putter is solid and well balanced and improves confidence. Thank you for a fantastic putter.
PS. I sold my other 5 different putters on e-Bay. I now only use the Dandy."

Jim O. - MA
Dandy Golf putter, putters, putting ball

"Best putter I've ever used, puts a great roll on the ball every time!!! If you can aim it's easy to roll it in!"

Dodd Portman - San Jose, CA
Dandy Golf putter, putters, putting ball

"Putting has always been the weakest part of my game. I currently have a Ping, Odyssey, Callaway, Zebra, and an assortment of other putters that I have built. Still I could not PUTT! 4 Months ago I purchased a used Dandy Original. Received it at 2 PM and practiced for 30 minutes then went to our weekly skins match at 3:30 PM. I managed to win 6 skins that afternoon. Since then I use the Dandy exclusively. I marvel at how consistently the clubface stays square throughout the stroke. Putting has now become the favorite part of my Golfing experience. I have not asked for nor have I received anything in exchange for this endorsement. I just simply wanted to share my enthusiasm for this excellent product."

Jack Bailey - Endicott, NY
Dandy Golf putter, putters, putting ball "Putting used to be the weakest part of my game, but the Dandy changed that. I've been using the Dandy Blade 4 for about two months now and do not plan on changing again unless trying another Dandy model. Without a doubt Dandy putters are the best I've used (and I've used a lot)."
Jace - Loudon, TN
Dandy Golf putter, putters, putting ball "WOW! What a great putter! While using the putter for the first time in a tournament, I made a phenomenal 20 Foot putt on a nasty green with several different slopes and angles. The ball just glided smoothly into the hole. By far one of the best putts I'd ever made. I've never felt more comfortable with a putter, especially after learning how to properly use the putter."
Pam - Burnsville, MN
Dandy Golf putter, putters, putting ball "Simply the greatest instrument ever created. I am telling you, the money is well worth it if you seriously want to be a great putter. I know a lot of other putters tell you this and that, but this is truly the one for you!"
Ryan - Dearborn Heights, MI
Dandy Golf putter, putters, putting ball "I enjoy trying anything new and different in golf equipment. Every club in my bag has been changed this year. The Dandy IV was the third putter bought this year. After lining up a putt, I feel the ball will roll straight and true so speed is the only thing I have to think about. I still go to many golf shops to look around but never to the putter section. I might buy another putter but it will be the Dandy V Touring Pro."
Ken Morishita - San Carlos, CA
Dandy Golf putter, putters, putting ball "I want to thank you for making such a wonderful putter! I played my first round using the Dandy IV-M putter and shot 77 at the Stanford University Golf Course. Over the last five years that I have played there, I have never broken 80 at this course. A truly well engineered, remarkable product and also a great web site..I'm a believer."
Mark Mclaughlin - Menlo Park, CA
Dandy Golf putter, putters, putting ball "I am a six hcp, and can generally shoot in the 70's most places, but what's really held me back has been inconsistent putting. My biggest problem was the takeaway-specifically, fighting the putter to get it back on a straight line. The onset of the Dandy has cured that, straight-away! I found that after about three rounds, I was not even thinking about it any more-the onset and the weighting seemed to take care of that. As a result, I'm much more confident and relaxed in the 4-10 foot range, and I feel like I'm definitely making more than my share now. Most misses I attribute to misreads, because the putts are going where I aim them now!"
Rich Fong - Seattle, WA
Dandy Golf putter, putters, putting ball "Bought used Dandy Pro. Took it home and tried it out on " x 6' putting board. Rolled 10 straight of the far end. Had hard time doing it once with all the other putters I owned. Took the "Pro" on the course yesterday. 10 putts on the front nine and only 14 on the back nine. Couple of putts over 50'. What a truly fantastic putter. I've always been a decent putter, seldom 3 putt, but now I have the confidence to become a very good putter. I will also save a lot of money now by not having to buy a new putter every week or so. That is no exaggeration. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!"
Randy Hoffman - Ewa Beach, HI
Dandy Golf putter, putters, putting ball "I used the Dandy on a real golf course yesterday. I had practiced in my living room to figure out the correct alignment and position to putt from but I hadn't really practiced on greens. I saved at least 6 strokes because of the Dandy's accuracy. I played the whole round without practice swinging first. I just laid down the putter, lined up the shot and made sure my left wrist was firm and putted. Great putter!!!"
Steve Lew - Edmonds, WA
Dandy Golf putter, putters, putting ball "The Dandy is just that, dandy! Since using it this year my distance control to the hole is excellent. Three putts are rare for me now and I get many one putts. I had a personal best for birdies, 6, thanks to the putter. I like the way it sets up and the comfortable stance it puts me in for a smooth stroke to the cup. It gives me a feeling of confidence and I love to putt with it. Mary"
Mary - Pelkie, MI
Dandy Golf putter, putters, putting ball "I just wanted to thank the makers of the dandy putter. I am 15 years old and I play golf in high school. I used to be a horrible putter. I tried the dandy putter and it worked wonders for me. I am so glad I tried it. Thanks again, Jill"
Jill Rae
Dandy Golf putter, putters, putting ball "I've had my Dandy IV for about 1 month and it's terrific. Really helps keep my left wrist from breaking down. Biggest help has been with the 4-6' putt; rarely miss from that range now. Played the Poipu Bay course in Kauai, where the Grand Slam is played every year. Had the best 9 holes in my life and finished the round at 79. This putter is excellent and certainly worth the money if you are serious about improving your game."
Steve Solomon - Colleyville, TX
Dandy Golf putter, putters, putting ball "I just wanted to say how much I like my new putter. It has taken at least five strokes a round off my scores. I have gone from left hand low to conventional grip in one day and improved my putting with your putter. Keep up the good work and I am highly recommending your putter to anyone that will listen."
Rick Crabb - Redwood Valley, CA
Dandy Golf putter, putters, putting ball "I found out about your putter from playing with a friend, Jimmy Sink and I knew if it could help his putting it would really improve mine. Since using the DANDY putter I have lowered my handicap 4 to 5 shots!!!!!!! I enjoy the extra money I'm taking off of Sink also (he wishes he had not told me about DANDY) If the people out there knew how bad Sink putted you could get 3 times your current price. Thanks and good golfing."
Billy Bob - Becker, MS
Dandy Golf putter, putters, putting ball "I got my Dandy Touring Pro three days ago. I went out to my favorite muni here in Rockford and played cold (no warm up putts-just walked on and played). I could not believe what I was doing with my putter! This thing is just plain freaky weird. The putts roll like nothing I've ever seen before. No wobbling, no jumping, no skittering. I can't get used to it. Sure, I miss putts, but not like I used to. Before I got this putter, I would 3-putt 5 or 6 times a round. Yesterday, I 3-putted once; it was my fault (I have to start paying more attention to alignment now that speed is not so much of an issue!) At any rate, I sure hope this putter does not catch on. I am certainly not telling any of my golf buddies that my putter is doing this remarkable thing for me. "I got putting lessons...yeah, that's it!" Stay small, you guys. Thanks."
Brett Hollembeak - Rockford, IL
Dandy Golf putter, putters, putting ball "I have owned, and used exclusively, a Dandy Touring Pro since March of last year. Since that time, my handicap has dropped from 14 to 11, with average putts, GIR, well under 2. As an avid golfer(about 75 rounds/year), who has "tried 'em all" when it comes to putters, I give the Dandy an unqualified endorsement - undoubtedly the finest putter made."
Preston Roth - Norristown, PA
Dandy Golf putter, putters, putting ball "I'm not much for testimonials, but this putter deserves the recognition. It has extremely clean lines and sets up smoothly. It puts a true roll on each putt time after time. After 180 holes of beautiful roll after roll, I was hooked. I feel that if I read it, I'll sink it. Congratulations on a job well done."
Pete Z - Wilmette, IL
Dandy Golf putter, putters, putting ball "Al Henningsgard one of your investors, gave me a Dandy putter 6 months ago and has regretted it ever since as he has been steadily losing money to me. The Dandy has improved my putting dramatically trimming strokes from my game and handicap. I have been playing golf for 36 years and have only switched putters 3 times so I am not a "fad" putter. Congratulations to you and Vijay!"
Ed Williams - Scottsdale, AZ
Dandy Golf putter, putters, putting ball "Simply, I will never putt with any other putter."
Stephen Pizinger - Oakdale, MN
Dandy Golf putter, putters, putting ball "really proud of my dandy putter now. took me about 4 weeks to get the hang of it but now my friends hate to see me get it out. my friends use to not mind seeing me hit a great drive and a great iron shot, they would say don't worry he's got to putt [which would usually be a 3 putt]. now with my dandy putter i finally have confidence when i get to a green that i can make it from anywhere and my friends are too. i was shooting in the low 80's before dandy now i'm in the mid 70's. thanks again jimmy sink amory, ms."
Jimmy Sink - Amory, MS
Dandy Golf putter, putters, putting ball "I have been using the Dandy Original for two years and my putting has significantly improved. I love the setup and stability the putter provides in allowing you to follow the line successfully. The new Blade IV is remarkable in feel and you will be amazed how the overspin makes the ball dive into the cup with minimal spin outs. Truly the best there is. Congratulations and thank you, Dandy."
Harry Leichtweis - New Hope, MN
Dandy Golf putter, putters, putting ball "I've owned an Original Dandy putter for two years. In that time, my putts have become straighter and closer to the pin. During many occasions, I will one-putt while the rest of the foursome often three-putts. I saved approximately 6-8 strokes per round. Truly a fabulous product. Thanks, Dandy!"
Stan Teragawa - Whittier, CA
Dandy Golf putter, putters, putting ball "I got a dandy putter in the mail yesterday and broke 90 for the first time today. I have been playing golf for a year and a half and recently putting has been my big problem. I was consistently 3 putting. Today I two putted almost every hole and more than half of the second putts were gimmies. This is a jaw dropping putter and after only seven holes my partner was asking me to try it out. Thank you for the putter and my new technique."
Thomas - Wilmington, NC
Dandy Golf putter, putters, putting ball "I played today and shot one of my better scores ever with the Dandy. It took me 28 putts to go through all 18 and only 12 on the back side. For me I wasn't really having a good day over all, but the Dandy helped me out tons. I felt confident I could make anything. If the Touring Pro is really that much better, I can’t wait to try it."
Matt,  Robertsville, MO
Dandy Golf putter, putters, putting ball "I have to say that this putter is the "real deal". It rolls very smoothly and the short putts were going in like clock work. The system really works and the putts roll so consistently smoothly that I can’t believe it. Just get the set up the way the putter naturally lies and don’t accentuate the hands in the forward position any more and it is amazing. I had been using cross handed the past month and now have switched back since the Dandy gives you a stable backswing similar to what cross handed does."
Robert,  Rensselear, NY
Dandy Golf putter, putters, putting ball "The Dandy has helped me become a better putter and has taken strokes off my game!"
Pete,  Minneapolis, MN
Dandy Golf putter, putters, putting ball "I love my Dandy putter."
Mitch, Hudson, WI
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