"Unsurpassed" The Touring Pro Blade

Dandy's Touring Pro blade is the ultimate performing and looking blade on the planet. It is a jewel. It interlocks three metals together (brass, aluminum and tungsten), to produce a feel not attainable with any other blade.

The Touring Pro offers greater stability, a solid yet soft hit, extreme forgiveness and consistency. It is intended for the discerning golfer who simply wants the finest blade putter in golf.

The Touring Pro is a custom built putter. It comes with Dandy's Lifeline putter grip, a progressive double-bend shaft (True Temper's finest), Dandy Logo Head Cover and patented Dandy Setup Trainer to get you putting your best FAST!

Available in right and left hand in 33" through 37" lengths. Standard is 3 degrees effective loft and 19.5 degrees lie angle from vertical. Customization is included. Custom Putters

The Touring Pro blade is CUSTOM ORDER ONLY. Already a Dandy owner? Special pricing applies.

CALL 1-800-326-3919 or 1-949-481-2816 for details
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