"Advanced" Dandy Tour Mallet

Dandy Tour Mallet is extremely accurate. It is perfectly balanced and has a solid, yet soft feel. In putter tests against major brand mallets -- including Odyssey, Taylormade, Ping -- the Dandy Tour Mallet was significantly more consistent in both distance and direction control, reducing the margin of error up to 70%.

The Tour Mallet is precision-built to the highest standard. The face is 100% CNC computer milled from 303 Stainless and the body is T6061 aluminum that is hard-anodized black for durability. It is internally weighted with four precision dowell pins, press-fit under 5 tons of pressure and the face-milled last to exact specifications.

INCLUDED: Lifeline putter grip, a custom double-bend True Temper shaft, Dandy Logo Head Cover and patented Dandy Setup Trainer, which takes the guesswork out of setup.

AVAILABLE in Right and left hand, 33" - 37" lengths. Standard effective loft is 3.5 degrees and lie angle is 19.5 degrees from vertical. Customization is available.

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