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"Soundness of method is the only key to reliable performance."     Bobby Jones

Dandy PRO Putting Track

Straight back and through makes sense, but what does it feel like? Dandy's PRO Putting Track lets you feel a true straight back and through putting stroke. This putting training aid is designed to help you establish 2nd-nature, muscle memory for a more consistent putting stroke.

Improves Your Aim and Setup

A big part of aiming is positive reinforcement. Once the Pro Putting Track is correctly aimed, every putt will roll end-over-end in the hole. Your setup improves because you'll feel and experience proper alignment and path. You'll automatically adjust your setup position so that the putter glides down the track with no resistance.

Works on the Green ( and on the carpet )

The Pro Putting Track is made of unbreakable ABS plastic. It has four rail screw-towers for use on the carpet or eight tee-holes for using on the green. A special alignment cross, makes setup and aiming a snap!

Dandy Pro Stroke Trainer
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