"Consistency depends directly upon form."      Bobby Jones

What Makes the Dandy Work!

Balanced to swing straight and roll the ball straight

The Combination of Science (Physics) and Putting Method

The Dandy represents the 1st putter design scientifically engineered for the straight back and through putting stroke in the History of Golf.
Putter tests prove the Dandy reduces the margin of error (dispersion) and increases accuracy by 70% over all other putters. See Proof

The Dandy is a perfectly balanced "onset" putter design with patented advantages. These advantages enable you to perform at a higher level than with other putters. As a result, you'll make a lot more putts.


The Importance of Balance

child in a swing

Have you ever enjoyed swinging a child at a playground? How simple and effortless the back-and-forth motion is. Everything in balance. The Dandy putter is designed to swing the same way.

Sir Isaac Newton's 1st Law of Motion put it this way, "An object in motion continues in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. " This is precisely why the Dandy putter is perfectly balanced. Only a balanced putter can swing straight-back and straight-through.

What makes a putter BALANCED? (Onset vs. Offset)

It starts with shafting. A Dandy putter is balanced around the shaft so that the weight (mass) of the putter head is distributed equally around all sides of the putter shaft or center-balanced. This putter design is called ONSET (not offset). Secondly, a Dandy putter is face-balanced and requires no manipulation to deliver it's full force at impact while the putter face remains square to your intended line. It's easy to make more putts when your putter is a Dandy.

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A REPEATABLE Professional Setup

Horton Smith, recognized by Bobby Jones as the highest source in putting once said, "the average golfer can become a good putter if he has clear understanding of what he is trying to accomplish." By understanding the correct setup and stroke that are necessary to roll the ball - your game will become easier and more enjoyable to play.

The Dandy takes the mystery out of setup. That's because it's designed to already be in the correct setup position. All you have to do is aim the Dandy then setup to it. It's that simple. Dandy's unique "onset" design (putter face in front of the shaft) makes this possible.

Once you're in position, just focus on the target line you've picked out and send the ball down the line with the energy your committed to.

When you purchase a Dandy, you'll get everything you'll need to putt at the Highest Level.

MORE Dandy Advantages

The Revolutionary "LIFELINE" Putter Grip

"Your Lifeline to Great Putting"

Grip is an extension of your right arm.

Dandy's revolutionary LIFELINE Putter Grip is the leading edge in putter grip design. It promotes a straight back and through putting stroke.

The sides of the putter grip are round to fit comfortably in the center of your hands and the top and bottom of the putter grip are flat, allowing you to "feel" the target line for precision accuracy.

Properly used, this amazing putter grip unifies your hands and keeps the putterface "square-to-the-line" resulting in Greater Accuracy. It prevents the Yips too!

The simpler the putting stroke becomes, the easy it is to repeat when the pressure's on. The LIFELINE grip helps set you up for success. It encourages your hands to be slightly ahead, making them a natural extension of your life arm (assuming your right handed). This is an important key to making a simple pendulum, straight back and through putting stroke.

MORE Dandy Advantages

A Straight Back and Through Putting Stroke

"The Most Consistent, Reliable Stroke Under Pressure"

The History books are full of Great Golfers who used some form of the straight back and through putting stroke. This includes Bobby Jones, Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods. Since scientific evidence has revealed that their putters were out-of-balance, we now can understand more clearly the compensations they made in their strokes - a testiment to their talent. Whether it was grip, stance, alignment, use of major muscles vs. small muscles, the compensations were necessary because their offset putters were not balanced to fully support the straight back and through putting stroke. Offset putters rob Great players from putting consistently at their Highest Level and adversely affects amateur golfers.

The Dandy is the FIRST Putter in the History of Golf ( Engineered for the Straight Back and Through Stroke )

It all starts with balance. When you design a putter to be balanced throughout the stroke, a lot of things improve. For starters, no compensations have to be made to use a straight back and through putting stroke and keep the putter face square through impact. It naturally swings straight down the line - in the direction you want to go. That's important because "to putt at your Highest Level, the putter and the putting stroke must be designed to work together. With a Dandy, they are."

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