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The putter designs sold today don't fix the problem.
They are OFFSET and unbalanced, which cause inconsistency. More

Dandy putters are balanced ONSET to deliver superior performance.
With a Dandy, you'll make more putts than you ever thought possible. See Tests

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Just think what improved putting will do for your game. No more three putts -- rounds where you make
every putt inside 10 feet -- and some bombs too!

"I love this putter!"  Pastor Thad Gifford, London, OH

"I call my Dandy the Black Mamba for its deadly strikes."  Patrick Thomas, Durham, NC

"Putting has become the favorite part of my golfing experience."  Jack Bailey, Endicott, NY

Why struggle?  You could be making a lot more putts.  And, the Dandy even comes with a 90-day Guarantee.

SWINGS STRAIGHT (down the line)

Making more putts is easy with a Dandy. It's balanced to swing "straight back and through" and the putter face stays square to your target line. With a Dandy, the ball rolls where you want it to roll, straight down the line...into the hole!  More...


The Dandy takes the guess work out of aiming and setup. It lets you focus on feel and making a good stroke. The ball consistently comes off the face rolling end-over-end...hunting the hole! More...


Hear what golfers are saying about the Dandy. See why the Dandy will work for you too! Watch Putting Success Videos


Playing a Dandy, Vijay Singh WON The MASTERS, Doctor Gil Morgan has WON 14 times on the Champions Tour, Shingo Katayama WON in Japan and Retief Goosen WON using Dandy's Lifeline Grip.

Other Golf Putters Work Against You

Other golf putters are out-of-balance and actually make putting more difficult. Their OFFSET design dates back to the 1960's. With the head weight behind the shaft, these putters are out-of-balance, forcing you to swing them an arc, like the opening and closing of a door. This makes timing and consistency very difficult. One would gladly defer to the rotational putting stroke if statistics showed it was a better method, but they haven't.

PERFECTLY BALANCED ( Makes Putting Easier )

Dandy's ONSET Design is perfectly balanced to overcome the problems of rotational putters. It's the ONLY putter specifically engineered for a simple pendulum, straight back and through putting stroke. The Dandy supports time-tested putting fundamentals used by the Greatest Players in the game including Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus and Bobby Jones. Visibly unique, yet traditional by design, every Dandy putter can be easily demonstrated to be more consistent in distance and direction than all other golf putters.

It's time to get back to the basics, to re-connect to the benefits and simplicity of a true straight back and through putting stroke. No more struggling. Greater enjoyment of the game. And best of all, the Dandy comes with a 90-day guarantee: Putt at your Highest Level or return it for the full price of the putter!


Repeatable Pro Setup, Easy to Aim

Jack Nicklaus said, "setup is 70% of the game." The Dandy makes your setup easy, repeatable and consistent. It's onset design (not offset) gives you the correct (balanced) setup position and you can see the entire putter face for easier aiming. Just think what this will do for your confidence. Knowing you're setup and aimed properly, you can commit to rolling the ball down the target line with the proper energy. Dandy owners say there distance control is unbelievable. And when you're aimed correctly you'll make more putts and eliminate the three putts too.

No More Struggling

Bobby Jones said, "Consistency in golf depends directly upon form." The Dandy simplifies the whole putting process because its onset design promotes time-tested putting fundamentals and a simple, pendulum, straight back and through putting stroke. All you have to do is aim the Dandy, setup up to it and go. This gives you a tremendous advantage over all other putters.

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