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A Dandy Way To Sink More Putts

Dandy V - Touring ProIf your search for the perfect putter hasn't yet rewarded you with a better scoring average and lower handicap, you may have been looking in all the wrong places. We've found a great, relatively-new putter on the market that's actually different enough that it might, indeed, cure your putting woes and help you play your best golf ever!

We're talking about Dandy Professional Putters from Dandy Golf Company. The unique design elements used in making these putters can help you achieve a truer roll, thereby increasing the number of one-putts you experience each round.

What's so neat about Dandy putters? To start with, the Dandy is the only reverse face-balanced putter that gets you in the professional setup position every time. Its forward-pressing shaft automatically puts your hands properly in front of the putter face for better control.

Dandy Blade IVThe Dandy's forward-pressing shaft also has a standard pistol grip rotated 90 degrees clockwise to help you feel the one-piece connection between your left shoulder, forearm, wrist and hands. This prevents the left wrist from bending backward, or "breaking down" " the No. 1 cause of putting inconsistency.

Of course, the shaft isn't the only difference between the Dandy and other putters. The face of the Dandy putter is set at 0 degrees, creating the optimum impact position to achieve unbelievable over-spin on every putt. The putter also is the only one available that allows you to see the entire top edge of the face for easy alignment and aiming. Your putting stroke is only as good as the direction it is aimed, making the Dandy putter light-years ahead of the competition.

Unlike other face-balanced putters, the Dandy is reverse face-balanced (putter face down) so it resists twisting throughout the entire backswing and follow-through. Face-balanced putters want to spin upside-down in your hands during the backswing so that the putter face points up, not down. The Dandy putter works for you to keep the putter face square to the target line. And, it is perfectly balanced at setup to reduce unwanted muscle tension caused by manipulating your putter at address.

Dandy Pro MalletWe think it's a great putter that can really help your game. Here's what others who have been using the putter for quite some time have to say.

"I've been putting with the Dandy putter for 3 1/2 years, and it has improved my overall putting mechanics and setup," said Frankie Safferwich, Nike touring pro. "It really has taught me to align my putts each time the same way. And the roll of my putts is so much truer than with my past putters (Ping, Taylor Made, Bullseye.)"

Stan Teragawa, an avid golfer from Wittier, Calif., also has had Dandy success.

"I've owned an Original Dandy putter for two years," Teragawa said. "In that time, my putts have become straighter and closer to the pin. During many rounds, I've one-putted while the rest of the foursome often three-putts. It's truly a fabulous product."

Dandy putters come in three different models: the Tour Pro, Pro Mallet and Blade IV. To learn more about these putters, visit the company's website at

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