Vijay's newest putter is Dandy for everyone May 14, 2000

VIJAY SINGH admits to being one of those guys who just loves changing putters. He's got, he figures,

"1,000 putters at home, and that's not an understatement." So maybe it wasn't all that significant that he won the Masters last month with something strange and new called the Dandy.

On the other hand, it was significant to the small L.A.-based company founded by Allan Strand. Just as Payne Stewart put the See-More putter on the map last year with his U.S. Open victory, Singh's green jacket has put Strand and Dandy into a little bit of green of their own, with a tenfold increase in orders over the last month that have resulted in an eight-week backlog.

Sandy Tatum, the former USGA president whose golf score commonly beats his age these days, has become friendly with Strand, and it was easy to see why during a recent round at Lincoln Park. Tatum, who says, "My putting had gotten so poor that I had tried just about everything," sank putt after putt on Lincoln's bumpy greens, and wouldn't take any of the credit himself.

Each time the ball rattled into the hole, Tatum would look up and say, "The Dandy." The rest of his foursome was ready to run to the pro shop at the turn and turn in their putters for one of these magic wands.

Of course, we golfers prefer to think it's the waver and not the wand who is performing the magic. But Strand has incorporated some unique elements into his putter that are in keeping with his primary trade, concert pianist. He studied the masters, and decided that Horton Smith was the best putter ever, and designed an instrument that would facilitate the duplication of Smith's form.

The primary element is perfect balance, which promotes

relaxation at address. The putter has an unconventional looking forward pressing shaft and a face set at zero degrees, but most noticeable when you hold it is the pistol grip, rotated 90 degrees to create the one-piece connection between hand, wrist, forearm and shoulder. It's almost impossible to have a breakdown in form using this putter.

That doesn't mean you can't still misread the break or blame a spike mark for your miss. But you can find more information at the entertaining Web site,, or call (800) DANDY 19. The company is so confident about its product that it is offering a free 90-day trial of the Dandy IV, the model Singh used at Augusta.

But be patient if you order. Life has gotten a little hectic at Dandy.


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