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Strand Plays Beautiful Music with Dandy

Sombody once said my putting stroke was as smooth as silk. Actually, it's more of a cotton/poly blend."


I want to welcome you to ProFile by letting you in on some new action. Allan Strand, 46, an accomplished classical pianist, has designed a putter that rolls the ball like no other I've ever seen. In fact, I'm going to climb out on the limb and say that the Dandy, a reverse-hosel, angled shaft, heel/toe putter, is the most significant short-stick design to come down the pike in a generation.

  I first met Allan at the Las Vegas show last September, tucked in a back corner booth, where I rolled a few putts on the astro-green. But it wasn't until he came to Tucson in November and we had a putting session at Starr

Pass Golf Course that I saw what the Dandy could really do.

  Strand, who was taught to play classical piano in a state of complete balance

Dandy Putter

and relaxation, has imbued his putter with the same characteristics. When held properly at address, the Dandy's forward-angled shaft allows the golfer's

left wrist and arm to form a straight line from shoulder to clubhead. In that position, the putter is in absolute balance and has zero loft. Other putters are not in true balance when placed in a hands-leading position, and thus cannot impart true roll.

  Standing on a putting green built on a hillside in the Tucson Mountains with the late afternoon sun stretching our shadows along with the saguaros', I was a privileged witness to the power of creativity. All I can say is, watch out: A lot of golfers are going to be graduating from a stroke that's a cotton/poly blend to one that's as smooth as silk. (For more information on Dandy Golf call [800] DANDY-19.)

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