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     Blending art, science and instructional theory, the Dandy Putter addresses some of the all-time putting questions that golfers have pondered for years. When the club’s sole rests on the ground, it assumes the same putting impact position displayed by many of the game’s top professionals. The putter accomplishes this via its “forward-pressing” shaft, which, in “leaning” toward the hole, establishes the same hands-forward, flat-left wrist impact position taught by most of golf’s best teachers. A unique rear, offset hosel counterbalances the shaft and further facilitates proper setup and impact alignments. At address the golfer can look down at the club and ball and see 100 percent of the clubface, offering an unobstructed view of both the ball and the line of putt for added confidence and control. Dandy Professional PutterThe Dandy Putter also features a face-balanced head, which resists twisting on off-center hits. The combination of the club’s design elements, in promoting proper putting technique, contributes to putts that roll smoothly with overspin.

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26 Golfing/March 1996

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